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  • Peter Adderton

    Chairman and CEO

    Peter Adderton is Chairman, CEO and a founding partner of Agency 3.0. He has been the driving force behind two of the most successful youth brands ever established in the mobile industry, including Boost Mobile and Amp'd Mobile. Adderton secured the William Morris Agency, a leading entertainment company, as a joint venture partner in forming Agency 3.0.

    Before Agency 3.0, Adderton founded Skycrest Ventures LLC, a venture investment firm focusing on mobile and digital media. Skycrest Ventures recently helped to facilitate Lionsgate's strategic investment into white-hot online brand, a company in which Skycrest Ventures is also a shareholder. Skycrest Ventures is also an investor in mInfo, the leader in Chinese mobile search and advertising, the largest shareholder of Boost Australia and a major shareholder in Agency 3.0.

    In 2004, Adderton founded Amp'd Mobile, creating the first integrated mobile entertainment company for youth, young professionals and early adopters. Amp'd Mobile offered voice and 3G data services including wireless broadband, over 25 streaming linear TV channels, over 50 Video-on-Demand brand channels, Amp'd-produced original content, a one-million song music library, and over-the-air downloadable applications through its award-winning Amp'd Live entertainment portal.

    Although Amp'd Mobile is no longer in operation, its success as a brand and as an innovator in putting content on mobile devices is unquestionable. Among Amp'd Mobile's original series was the wildly successful Lil' Bush, an animated satire originally created for Amp'd that currently airs on Comedy Central, making it the first show in history to transition from digital media to a traditional entertainment platform. Li'l Bush went on to become one of Comedy Central's most successful original series. In 2006, Amp'd Mobile received the prestigious “Entertainment Marketers of the Year” award from Advertising Age for the innovative launch of Lil' Bush.

    Amp'd Mobile was dubbed Wireless Week's 'Entertainment Company of the Year' in 2007, reiterating Adderton's commitment to melding entertainment with digital media. Amp'd Mobile made Red Herring's Top 100 North America 2006 list, an annual round-up recognizing new and innovative technology firms and their entrepreneurial founders and in 2006, Adderton was dubbed a “Mobile Maverick” by Laptop Magazine.

    In 2000, Adderton founded and created the highly successful youth wireless brand Boost Mobile. Launched in Australia, under Adderton's leadership, Boost expanded to New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Adderton catapulted the Boost brand to become one of the fastest growing wireless brands in its category in all markets with annual revenues over $500M and over five million subscribers. Boost received numerous awards, most notably “Marketer of the Year” from BrandWeek in 2003. Adderton remains a board member at Boost Mobile Australia.

    Prior to founding Boost Mobile, Adderton founded Promotional Partners World Wide (PPW) and expanded it to become one of the largest and most successful fully integrated marketing and promotions agencies in the world. He served as chief executive officer of PPW for nine years leading its growth to more than 100 people in 15 countries with revenues of $100M and working with major worldwide brands such as The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Worldwide, Lucas Arts, Taco Bell and KFC, Pizza Hut, and Pepsi.

    During the same time, Adderton established and led Carlson Promotional Partners, a joint venture with Carlson Marketing, which focused on marketing and promotions related to the 2000 Olympics for VISA, IBM, the Star Alliance, and United Airlines.

  • Scott Anderson

    Partner and Chief Creative Officer

    Scott Anderson is one of the most highly respected designers in the digital media industry both in the United States and Australia.

    As Chief Creative Officer of Agency 3.0, Anderson brings 20 years design and art direction experience and has earned a reputation as a wildly creative, brand marketing industry leader.

    Most recently Anderson served as co-founder and Senior Vice President of Brand Management at Amp'd Mobile. With Amp'd Mobile, Anderson and his team built one of the hottest iconic youth brands on the market. According to a Hall & Partners 2007 Brand Tracking Study, Amp'd Mobile was the most preferred mobile brand among the coveted 18-35 demographic with a 70% awareness rate. Additionally, the brand had a strong emotional connection to its youth market with the highest "Brand Involvement Score" of all mobile offerings available.

    While at Amp'd, Anderson won numerous awards for Amp'd Magazine, including Best Cover and Best in Custom from Custom Publishing Council.

    Prior to Amp'd, Anderson headed up the creative department at Boost Mobile. As a founding member of the original Boost management team, he built every creative aspect of its lifestyles-based youth brand from the ground up. He meticulously directed all aspects of Boost design including logo development, handset design and development, packaging, campaign concepts and implementation, event direction as well as advertising and promotional materials production.

    Prior to Boost, Anderson was a partner at The Marketing Group Worldwide with Peter Adderton where he managed a multitude of design disciplines, from brand development, advertising and graphic design, through to industrial and even interior design. His creative accomplishments prior to The Marketing Group Worldwide included design work for major brands and multinational corporations such as Cartoon Network, SAP and Alpine Car Audio, and major event productions.

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